Vicious Circle



Yes, dear.

I feel…

What is it, child?

I just feel so insignificant.

It’s your prayer, isn’t it?

Yes. It sounds so pathetic. What good would it do to save the people of Syria (and probably the region) from an imminent war that will annihilate them from this realm?

That will be the agenda of their souls, child.

You keep saying that! Then why should I bother with trying to save souls?!

Did you hear what you just said? You are saving souls. You are letting your emotions control you because of the physical pain that people will be experiencing in a war. Physical pain is only by the body and mind. The souls of the victims of war agreed to help you experience your divinity (and everyone else) in this realm at this moment in time.

No! Don’t say that! Are you saying I am responsible for this war happening right now?

You are ALL responsible, dear one. All of the souls in this realm are now cooperating and working together to enable The True Promise to be realised in the near future.

If that’s the case, then why can’t everyone cooperate in such a way that there will be no war and all existing wars finally end?

If only it was that easy, child. You know how that will be possible?

I do. When everyone’s aware that their souls are of God.

Is everyone aware that they are God?


No. That is why there are wars and there will be more wars as long as everyone in this realm are “not aware.”

So those souls whose bodies are affected by wars are experiencing the agenda of their souls by suffering and dying for the sake of everyone in this realm to enable themselves to be aware that they are God. I don’t think it’s working.

You think not? You think that the postponement of what has already been termed as an imminent attack on a nation that has been accused of killing its own citizens a happenstance? All of your collective consciousness made that happen. The hesitancy of the soul of the one in authority has heard the plea of other souls who are against yet another atrocity. Yes, it is also an atrocity. As long as there are humans that will be killed in the course of this so called justification of a crime committed by another nation on its own people, it is still an atrocity. The only difference is the use of another kind of weapon. Be it chemical or arsenal you are still killing each other. Killing begets killing. The only way to stop this vicious circle is when someone stops this vicious circle. Someone has to see the perpetrator as someone with a soul and see him for Who He Really Is. And who is he really?

He is God.

He is God with a purpose. His purpose is for everyone to experience their divinity. And yet everyone is ignoring their own souls’ plea to be experienced.

I guess Your Messengers have their work cut out for them.

Don’t lose hope, child. Practice what you preach.

Yeah, I know. To have peace there must be chaos. I wish we can have peace when there’s already peace…