Victims in Syria: Why? Why? Why?…Maybe it’s because certain persons in this world are only thinking of themselves all the time…

syrian children2

“In order for a certain problem to be eradicated it needs the collaboration of each and every single-able bodied person. Or to at least agree on solving the problem…I say you are all unconsciously responsible for the problem because you are all not individually aware of the consequences of your actions or in this case, inaction. Here again, individualization is to blame for the slow eradication of the problem. Just because a household has not been affected directly by the problem doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect the whole community. This applies to the problems in the world. If only all countries will agree to at least try to solve the problems in the world. This in itself is a beginning. But as how things are, separation has been a major factor in the non-connection of all nations. With this separation comes individualization. And with individualization comes the mind-set of “That’s your problem, not mine.” How will this world ever be united in working towards a better life for ALL if ALL are not aware that ALL OF YOU are somehow connected and affected by ALL the problems in the world either directly or indirectly?

…So in order for us to deal with problems like disease and natural disasters (and wars) we have to be aware that we are ALL responsible for them. We have to be aware that we are all connected. That what affects one affects ALL. Only then can we solve our problems.

And how do you become aware?

By remembering that We Are All God. That We Are All One.” ~ Domino Effect