Frozen Shoulders

shoulders2I have “frozen shoulders.” One of them, anyway.

According to Wiki—“Frozen shoulder, medically referred to as adhesive capsulitis, is a disorder in which the shoulder capsule, the connective tissue surrounding the glenohumeral joint of the shoulder, becomes inflamed and stiff, greatly restricting motion and causing chronic pain.”

As far as I can recall, the ailment made itself known about 2 years ago because of Bejeweled Blitz. I was hooked on the Facebook game. I was so hooked on it that I made another FB account under a false name so that I can practice the game without having to compete with anyone. I wanted to be at the top of the list among my friends in my real FB account. (Talk about focusing on things that don’t matter! That was my depression phase, okay? And that’s why I abandoned them thereafter…)

The constant restrictive movement strained my right arm and shoulder muscles. My bad posture and non-ergonomically designed computer table didn’t help. (My laptop was on my dressing table.)

Anyway, it comes and goes. Home-remedies like application of a hot pack and regular intake of boiled ginger + dang gui pian (Chinese herb, blaaaak!) ease the discomfort. My laptop is now on a proper computer table. The pain has been tolerable.

Until last Thursday.

What have I been doing that made it this bad? Whatever it was, it was inconsequential to the pain I was experiencing. Putting on and taking off a T-shirt was like WWF.

Mum recommended massage therapy. She vouches for a clinic at a nearby shopping centre. She had the same problem a few months ago.

Me: No. No. No. It’ll be painful!

Mum: No pain, no gain, dear.

Me: Aaargh!

If you want to know how modern torture feels like I recommend playing Candy Crush until your whole arm is numb and thereafter undergo massage therapy. My teeth chattered and my knees shook from the agony.

Therapist: Tahan, tahan (bear with it) or else cannot get better.

Me: *MOAN!*

My 30-minute treatment was up. The therapist asked me to raise my arm to see whether the session was effective. No, I wailed. It still hurts!

She called another therapist. I was kneaded and poked again like dough for 10 more minutes. Oh, God! The pain!

Try now? I hesitated. Just try. No, it still hurts! Just try. I did and was surprised that I could!

She told me the pain was in my head. She assumed her colleague had already fixed the problem but because of the fear of pain, I had to endure another 10 minutes of unnecessary torture. She apologized because she should have realized it was just fear on my part. No worries, it was my fault.

She recommended I stick on a muscle-pain plaster for the next couple of days.

Me: Does it smell?

Therapist: Mild one. Like a minty smell…(hayoh, now she’s more concerned with the smell than the pain…)

So, my arm is usable again. Stiffness is still there but I resolve not to let it get worse ever again. I’ve taken a few precautions now so as not to aggravate the ailment. I exchanged my computer chair with one that can be raised higher so that my elbows are perpendicular to the table. I bought a mouse pad with a wrist rest. I try to keep my back straight while typing. I try to do more body stretches. I use my left arm more and spend less time playing Candy Crush…

Purpose #1 – When creating your reality, the pain is all in your head.

Purpose #2 – To have peace there must be chaos.