Forget About Time. Focus On Our Souls

people and clocks2“FORGET ABOUT TIME. FOCUS ON OUR SOULS.” That’s a very sort of general guideline of how to live in this realm. I know that You like for us to think and decide for ourselves. But could You, like maybe give us an example…

Do I have to spoon-feed you each and every time?

Fine. Let us focus on the nucleus, the DNA or the basic accepted normal make-up of your world. Tell Me what it is.

The family.

The family. A man, a woman and a child. Tell me–what have you observed from families these days?

What have I observed? Well, not very positive, to say the least.

Why do you say that?

Well, divorce rates are up which means there are a lot of single-parent families. And there are families that ARE together and living under one roof but are emotionally and spiritually apart. And there are those that are connected but physically apart. Especially those who have parents, sons and daughters who are working in another country. And there are those who have abusive members. And there are those…

Okay. I’ve heard enough. Now tell Me—why do you think these conditions exist?

Well, from what I’ve heard from my friends who work here as helpers in households, it’s because the parents do not have enough time to spend with their children. The parents will go off to work early in the morning when the kids are probably still asleep. And then come home only late at night when the kids are already asleep. There are even times when the helper herself ends up attending parent-teacher meetings at school because the parents themselves don’t have time. So how does “forget about time, focus on our souls” apply in these situations? In fact, the parents’ “forgetting” to spend “time” with their children is the root of the problem.

Why do parents spend so much time at work?

So they can earn more money.

Why do they want to earn more money?

To have a better life.

To have a better life when?

Well, I don’t think it’s for the present because to me, being a workaholic and not having enough time for one’s children is not a “better life.” So more or less, parents are earning more money for the future. Yes, that’s it. They are working really hard to have a better future.

And what does the future involve?

What does the future involve? Well, it involves time…oh man, I know where this is going already…

Would you like to take over?

No, please. Have the honor…

The future involves time. Time that has not arrived. Parents are working hard for fear of not having enough money in the future for their children. While they are doing that NOW, their children NOW are in the meantime suffering from lack of their company, their guidance, their interaction, their wisdom. But most importantly their LOVE. Helpers have become surrogate parents. And these helpers themselves are depriving their own families back home in their own country of their LOVE. And why are all these happening? Because of FEAR. Fear of lack, fear of poverty, fear of being looked down upon. “Forget about time. Focus on your souls” means LIVE FOR NOW. Focus on what is important NOW. And what is important NOW? YOUR CHILDREN. THEIR SOULS. YOUR SOULS. I do not have to tell you exactly what to do when raising your children in order for this world to rid of its suffering and pain. You know exactly what to do. Children are new souls. They have not been tainted with today’s mindset of always living life with suffering and pain. If they can be taught the Power Within from young they have no need to suffer in their adult life. They will intuitively know that TIME is inconsequential while living in this realm. Because TIME only exists in this realm. They will know that their SOULS ARE ETERNAL.

But wait a sec. Don’t You think there will be those that might be lazy and say, “Hey, I’ve got other lifetimes. So why bother being successful now?”

No, child. Once the soul knows it is eternal it will also know its Power Within. Its Power Within will automatically seek to be successful no matter what because it will seek JOY in every lifetime. I AM JOY. It will seek God. It will seek the Spirit. It will seek Spirituality. And child, the word “successful” is a relative term. What does “relative” mean?

Yeah. Every time I come across the word, I’ll always have to look it up. “Relative” means “considered in relation or in proportion to something else.”

Success is considered only in relation or in proportion to something else. Being successful or being JOYFUL can mean different things to each Soul.

I understand. So in other words—“FORGET TIME. FOCUS ON YOUR SOULS” means CREATE YOUR REALITY NOW or forever be in a state of suffering and pain.

And what is your reality?

My soul.

What is suffering and pain?

My body and mind.

And where is your body and mind?

In the realm of the relative.

How about your soul?

My soul is eternal. Are we done yet?

Just a sec. Does your soul know about TIME?

No. Only my body and mind know TIME.