families4There’s a family I know which is contrary to the families I have described in my earlier post. I’ve noticed the parents are definitely spending time with their children. They have jobs that earn enough to have a decent simple life. They go on holidays and vacations often and they do not have helpers. The in-laws help out.

Are they spiritual?


How are the children?

What do you mean, how are the children?

What are they like?

Well, the little one is rather like a brat as in she has to have her way all the time and the two older ones who are in Secondary School are…um…rather opinionated.

Are the parents opinionated?

Well, yeah, in my opinion. I’m sorry I’m judging.

If it’s the Truth, then it is not judging. Why do you say that the parents are opinionated?

Well, whenever we are having a conversation they are always criticizing others or making fun of others’ faults. And I think they sort of have passed on these traits to their children. Being critical of others, I mean.

Dear one, I do not even know why we are having this conversation. I keep saying–in order to have a harmonious family, the family must seek spirituality. And if ALL the families in the world are harmonious then the whole world will be…

Then the whole world will be harmonious. So what You’re saying is even though this family I’m talking about is spending a lot of time together they are actually not spending their time together spiritually.

Yes. On the surface they may seem happy but their souls are deprived of Me. The happiness you see is superficial. It will not last. I Am not saying this family will eventually end up dysfunctional because each soul has an agenda in this realm. What I am saying is—if the soul of each member of a family is not connected spiritually then the joy will only be superficial. Tell Me—do the parents seem happy to you?

On the surface, yeah. But one of the spouses seems obsessed with get-rich-quick schemes. I can feel the envy whenever the subject of the conversation turns towards rich people.

Always trust your instinct. By the way you describe it, it seems they are not satisfied with their way of life. The envy is a sign of wanting and needing the material. That is a sign of a malnourished soul. The pursuit of the material is an abyss that will never be satisfied. Pursue the Spirit instead. The material will eventually come and when it does the Soul will treat it as immaterial and therefore will dispense of it in order to give JOY to others. And so to clarify the matter, different families have different ways of raising their children and nurturing the relationships within. But if the Spirit is not within, then the souls will be lacking. Always wanting, always lacking. In other words, always suffering.