Amusing Video

“When Moroccan TV anchor Lena Alwash’s daughter was done playing with her phone, she came to give it back. Little did she know, her mom was live on the air.”

This amusing video reminded me of one of my posts. I think her daughter knew exactly what was going on. Someone must have signaled to her from behind a camera or something. You see, kids are new souls…

“He is enforcing obedience to a rule of conduct that is considered right or acceptable in society. That is his mind at work. But when it comes to sanctity of marriage it is his soul who wins out.

Are You saying even though in the eyes of society what he is doing is perceived as “right” his soul is not recognizing that factor at all? As in he is just using the moral angle as an excuse to enforce the acceptable rule of conduct?

Couldn’t have said it better Myself.

I’m still confused. What exactly are You trying to prove here?

I Am not trying to prove anything. What I Am saying is your soul knows exactly what to do even if there is no moral conduct to adhere to.”

~ Commitments Not Commandments