Kick Ass


I was putting on my make-up this morning when Rene popped his head into the room…

Rene: Kick ass!

Me: What?! What did you just call me?!!

Rene: Kick-ass, mama. Kick-ass 2 showing…(pointing to our dining table)

I followed him and understood. He’d seen the newspaper. There was a thumbnail picture of the two main characters of the sequel of the young-superheroes-child-mercenaries-themed movie KICK ASS on the front page.

Oh man! Help! Pretty soon I’ll run out of stalling excuses not to watch these violent movies! And there is no one else to blame but yours truly!

I downloaded a copy of the first movie (before CWG, okay…) from a reliable “jolly roger” website and was watching it by myself on my laptop with earphones on. I was laughing and enjoying it so much Rene and Danielle were curious as to what I was watching. So it became family movie night.

Initially, my soul was uncomfortable with all the violence and cursing but Miss Sponsoring Thought won out, “It’s only a movie…”


By the way, Mr Jim Carrey? Congratulations! You have just met your SOUL. May the power of COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS be with you. Thank you for “bringing awareness”…