What If

what if3

3 February 2013 Sunday 4:54 am

What if I didn’t come across Neale’s books Conversations with God? Would I have continued on with my life in darkness?

When it comes to your soul, there are no what-ifs.

But You have given us free will, remember?

I have given your mind free will. Your body puts this into action or deed. As for your soul, it has no free will.

What?! How can that be? My soul is me. I thought all along it is my soul that decides which choices to make. And to make that choice, I consult my free will.

That is where you are mistaken. Your soul is Me. Whatever I desire to do, your soul will comply because your soul is Me. Your soul has no choice. Your soul is what it is. It has an agenda when it came to this realm. It has a purpose. It knows exactly what that purpose is and nothing will get in its way to accomplish it. Not even free will. That is, the free will of the body and mind. Free will makes decisions based on what you have been told by others, taught by others, heard from others, observed from others. The soul is absolute. It absolutely knows what it is supposed to do. Free will has choices that are based on what the soul knows and what the mind and body knows. You have multiple choices. An awareness of what the soul desires is the awareness you are having now. You are writing these words because your soul desires it. Now, if you were not aware what your soul desires (as in awareness of who I Am) then yes, you would still be living in darkness. Darkness means living with lack of awareness. Awareness is living with intention. You are getting the hang of this intentional living. You are still learning.  Do not fret, my dear one, you are evolving with every choice or decision you make. Each is a step forward to your absolute mastery.