Remember when I said I’m so patient these days I’m practically comatose? I lied. In this time and age of instant noodles, instant coffee and Instagram, who wouldn’t be impatient? I mean, I want to teleport everyone to The New World like yesterday!

That is the problem in this realm. The physical depends too much on time to survive. If only all of you would focus on your souls. Then time will then be taken as irrelevant to your survival in this world. Bodies will be treated as temporary vessels used for the purpose of experiencing and expressing and discovering Who You Really Are and who you want to be. And upon the accomplishment of who you want to be, it will then be with relief and gladness that these vessels will be discarded. Upon which the soul will be in eager anticipation of the return journey to Me. There will also be the assurance that upon the soul’s return to this realm, there will be the choice of using another body within a body (the foetus in a woman’s womb) to be reborn and thus experience and express life once again, and as many times as one wishes. Is that not the most beautiful concept ever created in all of the universe? And all because I wanted to experience Myself through all of you. You are all a gift I have given myself. Each time one of you returns to Me it is a euphoric occasion. It is like a child who has discovered a new ride in a fairground. After experiencing it the first time, she returns telling her parent about her adventures on that ride, ever so excited to go back again and again to experience the joy of riding it. Children never get tired of fairgrounds because it is an exciting world full of new discoveries and adventures. My children in the realm of the absolute never grow up because there is no such thing as time. Time only exists in the fairground. But this is for a reason. My children need a time-out to return to Me in order for them to tell Me all about their exciting rides and adventures in the fairground. They need to re-energize in order to have the resilience to ride again. And thereafter they have my blessing to return as many times as they choose.

You are so patient! I don’t know how You can stand it. I’ll have to wait a couple of millenniums before there is any kind of change. And as You say, that is only the spiritual aspect.

Anything worth having is worth waiting for.

I don’t have a choice, do I?

. . .

I know, I know. There is always a choice. I am being patient. I am the epitome of patience.