There’s an article on the Internet about a new horror movie. It highlights “Five horror movies based on true stories.” I didn’t even bother clicking it because the thumbnail alone gave me the creeps! I do not watch horror movies – especially the ones that are supposedly based on true stories. But since there is no such thing as the devil or evil spirits – which most horror stories are based on – then how did all this horror stuff come about? I mean, there is evidence they exist.

How do you know they exist?

There are people who have encountered them. So are there such things as ghosts?

There is such a thing called fear. All these horror stuff are fear of the unknown.

No. There are known encounters. That is why they are feared. Because there have been sightings.

Sightings of what?

Sightings of ghosts!

Isn’t ghost another name for spirit? And spirit is another name for soul?

Well, yeah. Ghosts are lost souls.

Why are they lost?

Because they have not left this realm – as in they have left their bodies but they – the souls have not gone into the next realm.

What is the next realm?

The realm of the absolute!

Where is the realm of the absolute?

Where you are!

And where am I?

You are everywhere! God is everywhere!

So what you’re saying is that ghosts are lost souls who have not gone into my realm – my realm which is everywhere. Am I right?

Yeah, I suppose.

Then they are not lost at all. They are exactly where they should be. They are everywhere. Ghosts or souls are everywhere.

That’s scary.

No, it’s not. Remember your post “The Ultimate Playground” where I mentioned that all of you can come back over and over again, or you can just watch by the side-lines and help others in this playground called life?

Oh no, don’t tell me.

Alright. I won’t tell you because you already know.

Ghosts are those who are watching by the side-lines.


And they are helping us?


But there have been cases that have been otherwise. As in – they cause harm and mayhem.

How do you know?

I was gonna say movies but I’m sure you’ll have something to say about that. So I’ll just say there have been accounts of cases where ghosts actually harm people.

Accounts? As in to relay using words?

Okay fine! I already know what you’re going to say – words are the worst purveyor of truth when it is passed from person to person.

These manifestations of the evil kind are a combination of three things. Fear plus thoughts plus words. Humans have always feared the unknown. And not knowing what a being or a ghost is made of garners fear. Your thoughts are so powerful they can create realities. Fearful thoughts therefore create fearful realities. And fearful realities are usually based on suffering. Which, I have said before, is an illusion. And these fearful realities are known by others through the worst purveyor of truth – which is words. So a combination of fear, thoughts and words usually manifest into your fear of souls that are here with you in this realm to assist you in this life without the limitations of physical bodies. There are souls who have such strong energies that they have manifested physically in your realm. As in they can be felt or sensed by another soul. There are souls who only make their presence felt to those they know or have encountered in previous lives. These souls will never cause anyone harm. How can they? They have no physical bodies. Any accounts of physical harm experienced by someone who has encountered a “ghost” would usually have been created by the person himself – either by his thoughts or physically. If you’re running away from fear of the unknown wouldn’t you be panicking and probably injuring yourself in the process? And with this panic you may perceive that you are being harmed. All souls are from me. Would I cause you any harm or pain?

No, certainly not. Anyway, even after you’ve explained what ghosts really are I still will not watch horror movies. But what about those people who love to watch horror movies?

Their souls know the truth.

And that is?

That there are no such things as ghosts who mean any harm.

But now that my soul knows that there are no such things either – how come I’m still afraid?

It is sometimes difficult to undo what has been taught you. I’m sure when you were a child you were told to fear certain things – like the dark – in order for you to stay put or not wander too far off, yes?

Oh yes. Adults would go, “Don’t go in that room. There are monsters there!” Or when we didn’t want to stop playing and come home even when it was already dark out: “The pontianak in the trees will come and get you!” Even now I’m still scared to look up at trees when I’m walking out at night.

Adults mean well because they are concerned with a child’s well-being but there are other ways to do this besides the use of fear. This is what I mean by being aware of what children are exposed to. Fear is not the way. Choose love instead. They will grow up to be confident and joyful young adults who will pass on these traits to the next generation.

I agree. Unfortunately, Danielle is going through the phase of being afraid of the dark. And I think I know why. She’s been to camps and retreats where telling ghost stories is the norm. And the Internet and computer games have not helped either. I just hope she grows out of it like I did.

I said it before – be aware of what children are experiencing or observing. This task may seem daunting right now but bringing awareness to the problem is at least a beginning.