Everything Is Timed Perfectly Because God Has Allowed It

(My take on this – Do not put off till TOMORROW what your Soul is telling you to do TODAY.)

I was thinking of what You said about having everything as it should be because You have allowed it. Does that mean everything is timed perfectly because You have allowed it as well?

Of course. I have No Clock, remember? While your realm does.

So, what You’re saying is–everything that is happening in my life is timed perfectly because I have created my realities at the time that I created them?


So, You have no control whatsoever of the events in my reality?

No control whatsoever. Why would I do that? That is like taking away your Free Will.

So the time when I found out my ex was having an affair was a time that You did not control?

Why would I control such a thing? You are what you create. Your souls make decisions based on events that have occurred in your realities. Therefore the consequences are the results of those decisions. Whenever a consequence or a result occurs is The Perfect Time because of the reality or decision that you created prior to it. I say it is The Perfect Time because I have allowed it. You control your realities. Therefore the events that occur in your realities are purely controlled by you and you alone.

Even the time when we die?

Of course. You think I control when you will leave this realm? You think I Am the kind of God who decides to give a 100-year lifetime to someone who smokes 10 packs of cigarettes a day while giving 50 to someone who takes care of his body? You create your realities. Therefore you create them at a time that is perfect for you. For your soul. I have no control whatsoever. Therefore, everything is timed perfectly because I have allowed it.

But what about someone who dies at 50 and yet he took care of his body? What about him?

That is the agenda of his soul. To die at that time. You will never know the agenda of each and every soul. In fact, the body and mind of that person doesn’t even know the agenda of its own soul. If all of you knew the agenda of your souls, all of you might as well have stayed in the realm of the absolute. In fact, no one would want to leave at all! Where is the fun in knowing beforehand what is going to happen in one’s lifetime? The fun is in the remembering!

But I Am You, You are Me, remember? So You must know the agenda of my soul.

Of course I do. I Am God, remember?

I know what you’re thinking. No. I will not tell you the agenda of your soul or anyone else’s for that matter.

Oh man!

But what I will tell you is The Purpose of your soul. That is why I keep telling you to listen and heed My Voice. Only then will you know what is your purpose in this realm. But the agenda in accomplishing that purpose is entirely up to you. Agenda and purpose are two entirely different things.

I know, I know. Look up the meaning of “agenda” and “purpose”…okay, “agenda – a list of items to be discussed at a meeting or a list of matters to be addressed.” and “purpose – the reason for which something is done or for which something exists or have as someone’s objective.” I get what You mean. Agenda are the stuff that will lead us to accomplishing our purpose.

Couldn’t have said it better Myself.

So, our agenda is timed perfectly, by us, in order for us to accomplish our purpose in this realm.

Yes. And it is not the process/agenda I Am concerned about. It is the end result in accomplishing your purpose and therefore your return to Me. And the process of accomplishing your purpose is timed by you perfectly because I have allowed it.

Simple and yet complex. And I’m still not sure about the complex…

There are things in the universes you will never understand while you are in this realm. Let’s leave it at that.