Each Soul Is Unique


15 September 2012

I am reading this devotional book and it said something about renouncing hidden thoughts that are not godly about someone. It referred to a verse in the bible. I checked it and the verse was totally taken out of context. Not “hidden thoughts” but “hidden acts” when proclaiming the word of God. Now I realize I cannot totally depend on inspirational books or authors for guidance and explanation when reading the bible. Or am I just twisting the truth to suit my conscience?

You are right about not trusting others. For what they have written or presented have been gathered from their soul or inner voice or what have you. Their interpretations of My Words may not apply to anyone else. This is because each soul is unique. Like each snowflake is unique. And each soul needs its own healing, searching, exploration. It is up to you to listen to The Voice of your own Soul on how to interpret My Words.