Big Brother & Little Brother


I was standing alone, waiting at the bus stop on my way to fetch Rene from school today when two boys came running past me.

Big Brother was around 12 years old while Little Brother was around 9 or 10.

They were rushing for a special seat on the benches. The only thing special about that part of the bench was that it had two arm rests to help the elderly or the infirmed to push themselves up easier to a standing position.

Big Brother got there first and got a punch in the stomach by Little Brother as a reward. Big Brother winced.

Mother appeared and reprimanded them. She was soft-spoken so I barely heard what she said.

Little Brother wasn’t happy. He still wants the special seat. He got into Big Brother’s personal space and into his face with mutterings and grumblings accompanied by nudges and soft punches on Big Brother’s thigh and arm. He tried to do it as inconspicuous as possible so Mother won’t notice. This went on for a couple of minutes.

Tough luck. Mother noticed. She bodily took both boys by the shoulders and plonked them on the other bench without the special seat. She invaded their personal space by getting in their faces and reprimanded them, emphasizing her point by wagging her finger at their noses.

Big Brother and Little Brother simmered down and became little angels albeit with sullen faces. Mother straightened up, folded her arms and sternly waited for their bus.

My bus arrived.

If only it was this easy to settle differences and disagreements among the people of the world.