Sleep Is A Gift

Sleep copy

Sleep is a gift. Partake of it when the need arises. The soul needs to commune with Me every once in a while. It’s like a time-off from the busyness of reality.

You know, when I’m writing my conversations with you in my journal, there’ll come a time when I’ll feel really sleepy. I would stop for a while to take quick nap. Otherwise, it’ll end up as a headache. Then I’ll wake up and look at the clock – ten minutes? I was asleep for only ten minutes? It felt more like an hour’s worth because I felt more alert and revved up. So, I’ll continue writing where I left off only to realize our conversation was actually done – as in the topic was finished.

You were with me, child.

I was?

While you were having a conversation with me in your journal, your soul was longing for more than just words to commune with me. Our conversation is not sufficient for your soul. It longs a further closeness with me. It wants to be One with me. Do not deny your body and mind sleep because it is the only way your soul can connect with me other than meditation. Meditation is conscious sleep. Your body and mind have control of the process. While sleep is unconscious meditation. This process is controlled by your soul while your body and mind are at rest. It is like a vacation from reality for your soul.

Wow. That’s enlightening. Oh! I just thought of something!


Babies sleep a lot because they just came from the realm of the absolute and miss you. And the elderly sleep a lot because they are getting ready to return to you, yes?

It’s something like that, yes.

Well then – see you soon because it’s close to my bedtime.

Sure. I am always up anyway.

Haha. Very funny.