Song Choice

Pinoy Singers

I watch The Voice on The Filipino Channel with Mum on the weekends. Last Saturday, one of the contestants blew his big chance at stardom. Why? As remarked by one of the judges, “Song choice – it can make you or break you.”

And the song this guy chose broke him.

If you haven’t watched The Voice, the way the contest goes is that the contestant will walk on stage while the judges’ chairs are facing the other way. As in, they cannot see the contestant while he or she is singing. I love this concept because you are not judged by your looks – only your voice.

The judges will listen. If a judge is blown away with the contestant’s voice, the judge will press a buzzer. The judge who pressed the buzzer will be turned around in his chair automatically and see the contestant. Pressing the buzzer means the judge wants the contestant on his team. Unless there’s more than one judge who pressed the buzzer. Then those judges will persuade the contestant to join their team. It’s up to the contestant to decide which judge’s team he wants to join. A pressed buzzer also means the contestant has already clinched a position in the contest regardless of which judge pressed the buzzer.

Anyway, this particular contestant chose to sing “I Started a Joke” for his audition – which I thought was rather mellow and sentimental considering his long hair and get-up looked like he belonged with the Hell’s Angels. He was just missing a Harley.

The song felt strained and a little trying hard. So it’s understandable why none of the judges pressed the buzzer. Eventually, all the judges had to turn around when he finished the song. He was asked questions and interviewed and all that. Then one of the judges asked him if he’d like to sing another song.

He said yes and he sang “Stand By Me.”

He sang beautifully! And everyone went, “There you go!”

It was the perfect song choice for his voice and it sounded like it really came from the heart. Unfortunately, it was too late. He blew his chance by making the wrong song choice. I thought it was such a shame that he didn’t get through because he had the looks as well.

I can only guess the reason why he chose the first song. Instead of choosing the song that is close to his heart he chose a song that may please the judges – or he thought will make him stand out.

This only goes to prove that betrayal of yourself in order not to betray another is betrayal nonetheless. It is the highest betrayal.