You Are A Gift To Myself

You know, God, all along I’ve been telling others that I’m the type of person who’s always running away from responsibilities – which I truly believe I’ve been doing all my life. Along with letting problems solve themselves. And now, you’ve given me this huge responsibility – you know, being a messenger and all that. And I realize I’m loving every minute of it! Me? As in, the ‘me’ who hated responsibilities!

You can only be what you’re not, dear one.

You mean, I wasn’t responsible before – and so now that I have found my purpose I love being responsible?

Yes. How can you be patient if you have never experienced impatience? How can you be happy if you have never been sad? How can you be brave if you have never been afraid? Circumstances in your life occur in order for you to experience the opposite of what you are not. This is why I created this realm – in order for all of you to experience Who You Really Are. And it is through you that I experience myself. You are a gift to myself, dear ones. Remember that always.