Why then did a certain religion come about?

One word, my dear one – fear. After Jesus died, there was no one to prove that the true God exists except by using words. And words, as I have said before, are the worst purveyor of truth. As time went on, people feared that what they have heard or read about the true God could not be true because it was too good to be true. So, people decided to make up their own stories to suit their own beliefs. This suited those in authority just fine. They realized that with religion they can control others and use it to pit man against man, families against families, communities against communities, countries against countries. Power was in the hands of the select few and was used for their own benefit.

But God, you say that words are the worst purveyor of truth. Aren’t we using words now to purvey the truth?

From human to human – words are the worst purveyor of truth when it is passed from human to human.

So, are you saying from God to human is the best way to purvey the truth?

No, child. I am saying the best purveyor of truth is when it is from your soul. Your soul is God. The truth is from God alone. Other souls will feel it is the truth because they already know the truth. All of you are simply remembering what has been in your souls all along. The soul is the truth. Words have been used to cover up the truth so you can remember it. To remember the truth you have to forget it. The best way to forget the truth is to be taught the untruths. We have to use words now because it is the only tool that can be used at this moment in time. Believe me when I say that one day, in your world, words will be obsolete in order to convey the truth. All of you can choose to one day simply use feelings to convey your truths the way highly evolved beings do.