How I Met CWG

Everything has a purpose, right? Well then…

I had a crush on someone.

I met CWG because I had a crush on Mr Untouchable.

I would see Mr U once a week for 1 hour. After that 1 hour once a week, the rest of the week would be sheer torture.

I couldn’t think straight and I said to myself, if I do not distract myself with something else soon I may be buying that one-way ticket to the nearest psycho ward myself.


Books always made me forget my problems. I browsed through my iPhone ebook app and came across The New Revelations by Neale Donald Walsch.

Titles with the word God or anything to do with the bible always attracted me. The downloaded sample didn’t impress me very much.

What else did this chap write anyway?

And so like they say, the rest is history.

And Mr U?

I haven’t seen him for a looooong time…out of sight, out of mind. (yeah, right)