What Is A First Thought?

Some of you may be wondering, ” What the heck is a First Thought anyway?”

Okay, here’s an example. It happened to me just last night:

I was sitting at my computer table and doing some stuff on my laptop (blogging, maybe?) Mum was watching her soap nearby where I can hear the sound from the TV. I suddenly overheard one of the characters in the drama say, “Big Bang! Blah…blah…blah.”

Big Bang? I thought, (or shall I say at First Thought or Boom!) I have a blog post titled “The Big Bang.” So I act without thinking by checking out that very post. I was reading through when boom! A paragraph shouted at me. This is important. And thus my post yesterday, Why Me? I have no idea what’s the purpose and have no expectation whatsoever as to the consequence of my action but what I am sure of is that God has a message to convey. I am just a messenger.

And if I don’t act on it immediately, it’ll usually nag at me. I can’t really remember if I’ve ever ignored a First Thought and whether it had a dire consequence because I didn’t act on it immediately. But you know what, I don’t aim to find out…