The Old Guitar


Everything has a purpose, right? Well then.

Rene loves music. He would ask me to download songs I never even heard of – well, maybe because I’m getting old.

Anyway, usually he would ask for the latest hits. He would put on his earphones and sing along to the songs on his iPhone.

He’s tone deaf. But as a mother, his tuneless and monotonous singing is like a song from heaven – except when I’m having a migraine.

So, we have this old guitar hanging around, which I use to play a long, long time ago. It hangs on a wall, way up where Rene can’t reach it. He would ask me to help him bring it down and he would play it while listening to his songs like those YouTubers he watches singing covers.

When he’s done, which means he’s grown tired of it and it’s time for some Xbox, he would ask me to hang it up again. One day, it happened that I was busy in the kitchen:

Rene (carrying guitar): Mum, I’m done. Don’t want already.

Me: I’m busy. Put it down somewhere first. I’ll hang it up later.

And then I forgot all about it. A little tired after cooking, I decided to rest for a while before dinner. We have one of those office chairs that leans back which I like to sit on while watching TV or fiddling around with my cellphone.

As soon as I sat down, there was a loud crash behind me. BAM! I turned around and saw my old guitar lying on the floor. Rene had leaned it against the chair, assuming I would see it and put it back to hang on the wall. I picked it up.

Oh man! I noticed a part of the “nut”, the upper part of the wooden neck just before the tuning pegs, had broken off. The high E string was dangling like a lifeless arm. Great. It’s useless now.

So, when you get a first thought, try to act upon it as soon as possible. You may never get the chance ever again. Unless you’re willing to send it to a repair shop.