The Rich And The Poor

It’s Neale’s article about the rich and the poor. It’s been nagging at me for the past couple of days. There have been more than one hundred and fifty comments on it which I did not have the energy to read. I thought I’d ask you instead.

Think about this – I am God. I love you. Do you actually think I will restrict abundance from all of you so that you will struggle with each lifetime every time you return to this realm?

No, I suppose not. But two thousand years ago I don’t think Jesus was rich. That’s what the Bible says anyway. In fact, it is believed that Jesus was dirt poor.

Have I not told you before that religion is a way of controlling people? Not only does it control a person spiritually but financially as well. Thousands of years ago, in order for people to part with their abundance, Jesus was depicted as someone who lived and traveled with only the shirt on his back. Besides, during those times, poverty was prevalent. Religion used poverty as a way of brainwashing the poor by depicting poverty as akin to being divine. Unfortunately, it is still being believed today. The poor believe that the only being to blame for their poverty is God. Thus, everyone’s mindset is saying, So what if I’m poor? Jesus was poor. So there’s nothing wrong with where I am right now.

But there are a lot of poor people who desperately want to get out of poverty. That’s why there are millions of overseas foreign workers who leave their family and country to seek their fortune elsewhere. Many end up being abused, tortured and killed. You can’t really believe they are satisfied with being poor because there is your evidence right there.

I believe. But do they?

What? I don’t understand.

The problem lies in the belief itself. In religion, it is believed that it is divine to be poor. But the souls of the poor protest at this belief. The soul knows that in order to enjoy this realm to the fullest, it needs to enjoy all the abundance it can offer. There is a war going on with the mind and the soul when it comes to abundance. The soul says, I need abundance to give me joy. But the mind says, It is a sin to have abundance. How can you expect to attract abundance when the very universe you live in is confused with all those conflicting thought energies?

So how do we solve this problem then – this problem of poverty?

Listen to your soul. Your soul is telling you there is nothing wrong with abundance. And how do you listen to your soul? By going within. How do you go within? By listening to your first thoughts. How do you listen to your first thoughts? By ignoring your sponsoring thoughts. How do you ignore your sponsoring thoughts? By listening to your soul. Who is your soul? Your soul is God. I am you and you are me. Who am I? I am the Voice in your head. I am God. I am the Holy Spirit. In order to eradicate poverty you have to listen to your spirit. Seek God. Seek the spirit. Seek spirituality.

You say seek God. But it is believed that Jesus is God.

All of you are God. Ye are Gods. So seek yourself. Who is yourself? Yourself is me. I am God. Seek God. Do I have to keep repeating myself?

Sorry. Question – what about the rich who are in religion? What about them?

They are listening to their souls, dear one. And if they are listening to their souls you will notice most of them are philanthropists or who are very generous people. Because their souls know that in order to be abundant one has to give away abundance. Their souls believe abundance is already there in their possession to give away. Their souls have won the war with their sponsoring thoughts. They have found their power within.

What about those who are rich and yet they are not spiritual?

Are they happy?


Do they seem joyful to you?

Well, yeah. They’re rich after all.

They may seem happy on the outside but do you think they’re happy within? Do their souls have joy?

Maybe not. There was this documentary about rich people that featured a millionaire’s daughter – she admitted that all she can think about is how to get more and more abundance. She says she will never be satisfied. And when she was asked what if all her abundance suddenly disappeared overnight – she answered, “I’d rather die.”

There you go. The material is temporal, spiritual is eternal.