19 June 2013

My son’s watching “Monsters Inc.” It’s a movie where monsters scare kids to collect their screams – which are the source of energy for the monster world.

In the movie, there’s a little girl named Boo. She inadvertently enters the monster world – and Sully, a monster, comes to love and adore her.

But unbeknownst to her, she causes mayhem because kids are prohibited to enter the monster world for the obvious reason of not letting them know exactly why monsters are scaring them – so that their screams can be used to power the monster world.

Monsters are symbols for the fear-based religions of the world. Some religions promulgate a fear-based God because power feeds and thrives on fear.

But in truth, monsters (religions) are not really bad. Religions are good for people because their aim is to bring humankind to God. But it is promulgating the love of God in the wrong way. Religion should use love not fear.

There’s also scene in the movie where Boo laughed at a monster instead of screaming in fear. The energy from her laughter was so powerful, it blew away and shut-down the power in Sully’s apartment block!

Laughter is joy, joy is God.

Boo is the symbol for The New World. She personifies unconditional love. She personifies the true promise of God.

And that true promise is this: We have nowhere else to go but return to God.

God is love. There is nothing more powerful than love.