Commitments Not Commandments


The governor of a province in a certain country said he had ordered his top staff to replace their female secretaries with men following a string of extra-marital affairs.
“I received inputs that many government office heads here are involved in extra-marital affairs with their female secretaries,” the governor said.
“They treat them much better than their own wives. They bring them presents from official trips like perfumes or branded bags while their poor wives get nothing,” he said.
“For these reasons, I ordered them to replace their female secretaries with male assistants or with old women who are no longer attractive,” he added.
The governor is convinced that his subordinates will follow his instructions, although there will not be any punishment for those who do not comply.
“This is a moral sanction. I’m pretty sure they will follow my order, and all of them will get a male secretary soon,”

I read this article in the newspaper today. It was at the bottom of the page and I wouldn’t have noticed it at all if you hadn’t boomed it at me. So, why did you bring it to my attention?

Gender-role overhaul.

Yeah, so?

So, that governor is heeding his soul when it comes to equality of genders in your world.

I don’t think so. He was forced to take drastic measures because marriages are getting disrupted. He said it was a moral sanction… Okay, okay. I’m way ahead of you. I’m supposed to look up the meaning of “moral” and “sanction” now, right?

Right. You know me too well.

Yeah, okay. Moral means “concerned with or derived from the code of interpersonal behavior that is considered right or acceptable in a particular society.” And sanction means “a consideration operating to enforce obedience to any rule of conduct.”

He is enforcing obedience to a rule of conduct that is considered right or acceptable in society. That is his mind at work. But when it comes to sanctity of marriage it is his soul who wins out.

Are you saying – even though in the eyes of society what he is doing is perceived as right, his soul is not recognizing that factor at all? As in, he is just using the moral angle as an excuse to enforce the acceptable rule of conduct?

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

I’m still confused. What exactly are you trying to prove here?

I am not trying to prove anything. What I am saying is your soul knows exactly what to do even if there is no moral conduct to adhere to. Deep down, this governor knows the job of a secretary does not call for gender classification – any gender can do the job. This little article has a lesson to teach everyone in the world how gender-based jobs should be revised to suit this time and age. And this overhauling does not need an excuse like morality in order for the changes to be implemented.

But what about jobs or roles where strength is required? Like jobs that require carrying a lot of heavy stuff around? Women are certainly not made to do such jobs.

Are there women weight-lifters?

Well, yeah. But—

I rest my case.

Fine. So why are we discussing this again?

We are discussing two things actually. One – how the world should re-look into assigning gender bias when it comes to roles in society. And two – how your soul knows exactly what to do when it comes to making decisions about its agenda in this realm with or without a rule of conduct that is acceptable to society.

You mean I can do anything I like even though it is not acceptable to society?


That is dangerous. There are certain things that one shouldn’t do because one will definitely get into trouble.


Well, like stealing.

That hasn’t stopped millions of thieves in your world, has it?

Well, no. But most of them get punished – they end up in jail.


Why?! Because it’s the law! If you steal and you get caught, you go to jail. That’s the way it works. And besides, it’s one of the Ten Commandments – thou shalt not steal.

I’ll ask again – that hasn’t stopped millions of thieves in your world, has it?

Why are we even discussing this? We’ve gone off topic again!

No, we haven’t. You make rules in your world which you break all the time and yet you blame others for your actions. Extra-marital affairs are considered wrong in your society because your religion enforces one of The Ten Commandments that says thou shalt not commit adultery. And then you say the Ten Commandments are from me and yet you break them all the time. By the way, I have given you commitments not commandments. I do not command. You have free will. I do not punish whatever you think you do “wrong” in your world. You are your own creators. You are responsible for the consequences of your creations. Keep that in mind.

I will. So are we concluding this discussion here now?

No, not yet.

Okay. What else do you have in mind?

I should ask you that question. You have something else in mind.

Fine – I do. It’s that remark by that governor – he said, along with male secretaries he will also encourage his officials to hire “old women who are no longer attractive.” The nerve! I ought to go up to him and tell him a thing or two about such a discriminating remark!

What did I tell you about labels being used to judge people? In this case, it is looks. I can enumerate to you thousands of things that you use to judge others but this discussion will never end. Let me just say this – when it comes to creating, all of you have no idea of how much power you have in molding this realm into what it is now. A single decision can change your life forever.

That’s scary.

Not if you listen to your soul.

And my soul is you.

Your soul is God. What could go wrong?

Absolutely nothing.