Miss Pineapple


11:06 am

Cooking doesn’t like me. I’m better at baking. Yeast breads, quick breads, cakes are more my forte. Maybe in one of my previous lives my staple food was bread. You know, like in Jesus’ time. His women apostles had to be good at whipping up a quick meal because they were always on the go. Flour and water are the only ingredients one needed to bring along on the journey. Sometimes yeast is not even required. Like during the Passover:

Mum: Forget the yeast, girl! We gotta go!

Daughter: Why, mum?

Mum: We have to get atta here! The Pharaoh might change his mind again!

Anyway, my previous post of a clip of the movie Ratatouille is bothering me. I can bake well but I’m a mediocre cook. My dessert for dinner last night is proof of this.

You see, nowadays mum and I are trying our best to prepare healthy meals for the family. Our dessert will usually be just fresh fruits. So, yesterday I bought a fresh pineapple which I thought looked ripe enough to eat.

Mum: Did you do the smell test?

Me: What smell test?

Mum: Smell the fruit. If it smells sweet then it’ll be sweet.

Me: Ngeh?

Mum: Oh never mind.

So as you probably have guessed by now, after peeling all that eyeful, thick skin it wasn’t that sweet. Desserts are suppose to be sweet, not sour. Fine. I’ll just sweeten it then. I chopped the pineapple into bite-sized pieces and added it to some caramelized brown sugar in a hot pan, added some vanilla flavor and butter and let it simmer for a few minutes. I tasted a piece. Hmmm, the caramel’s sweet alright but the pineapple’s still sour. Maybe if I added more sugar. So I did. And I tasted it again. The caramel was so sweet my throat started to protest. Miss Pineapple remained stubbornly sour. Whatever. Maybe I’ll just serve the caramel.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is–no matter how much you ignore a problem it’ll still be there. You can sweep it under a carpet to hide it but you’ll still KNOW it’s there and it’ll nag at your soul until it drives you crazy. In my opinion, the best thing to do is to acknowledge it and then decide what to do with it. In other words, face your reality then create it. And remember, NO EXPECTATIONS. It’ll be easier on your nerves…