The Gentleness of Snow

snow3When a teacher has to reach out to a student who is far beneath his or her level of knowledge and understanding, he or she cannot allow the water to just flow freely, it has to be dressed up in metaphors and it has to be paced. In order for the student to understand a new concept, the teacher needs to create a point of reference by using examples, anecdotes, stories, and analogies. Thus snowflakes represent the need to explain gradually, step by step, in a language that is accessible to the student.

Snow falls gently and silently, teaching us in our own process of educating others and educating ourselves, that we need gentleness. If we educate with a sledgehammer – with unceasing rain pour – it will simply submerge and destroy the crops. Even when it rains on earth, science tells us that on a higher level, the beginning process could have originated in snowflakes. So snowflakes are a symbol of that first gentle step.

Virtual Walls

If violence wasn’t bad enough in the movies, a new invention will definitely tip the scale. A virtual reality game right in your living room! With a few gizmos and high tech gear, adults as well kids will be able to live out their virtual games in real life, as in feeling like you’re really there at the battleground. Wow! I will soon know how it feels like to shoot someone point blank.

Sarcasm will not get you anywhere, child.tron2

Sorry. Well, at least I found something good in the article.


This quote–“What we found amazing when letting friends try the system is they are very resistant to the idea of walking through even virtual walls. Your brain has spent many years learning that walking through walls is a bad idea, which is why this sort of system can be so much fun.” Sort of sums up what the philosophy of CWG is all about. Especially the “so much fun” part.

I Am glad you’re enjoying yourself.

You are joy, remember?

Yes. And don’t you wish everyone else will?

Yup. No worries. That’s what I’m here for. And many others.

Purely For Entertainment

sound of music2

Rene’s been bugging me to watch “The Wolverine.” I look at the poster and it makes me cringe. One look at those lethal-looking knives protruding from Hugh Jackman’s fists (Yup, I have a crush on him too) and I already know exactly what the movie’s all about. And it’s in 3D! That’s realism for you. I wonder what virtual blood feels like… So I’ve been stalling with all sorts of excuses.

As for Danielle, she can’t wait for the next installment of “Hunger Games” which honestly, I’m guilty of being a fan as well. I watched the movie three times. Although the first time I watched it, there was a scene that shocked me initially. Before that, I thought, no big deal—it’s based on a book for young adults so it’ll probably have some mild stuff in it. But when I was in the cinema and when it came to the countdown scene at the cornucopia and the kids started to massacre each other I went:

Me: OMG! What the?!!

Danielle (elbowing me): Mum! Shhh…

Me: But…but! What the hay!

Danielle (elbow again): Mum!

The scene just didn’t sit well with my Soul. Kids! As young as 12, hacking each other to death in a fight for survival in a world where it is considered entertainment for the masses! What the fish! But as the movie went on I began to calm down and began enjoying it. And I even watched it a couple of times more which I am sure I wasn’t alone considering it was a box-office hit. And now, it seems the teaser catchphrase for the sequel—(in my own words) “Part 1 was child’s play.” I’m dreading and looking forward to it at the same time.

You have become desensitized.

I agree. I am sorry to say, so are my kids along with the kids of the world. All of us have become desensitized to violence and death because it is sensationalized and treated as entertainment for the masses. It makes me sad.

The way it should be. How will this world ever have peace if such subjects as harming each other, violence against each other, world domination, racism and the list goes on and on are treated as entertainment? The worst part of it is, these are all portrayed as justifiable in your media. You may say, “Pshaw! We know it’s only for entertainment. We won’t do it in real life.” Your mind is a powerful tool. It is so powerful that it can dominate your Soul. And your Soul is Me. Think about it. You can overpower Me. As in the mind is able to make decisions over what your soul desires the most. It will come to a point where your mind will render your soul powerless. Meaning, your Sponsoring thoughts have taken over your Free Will. Those violent themes in your entertainment does not simply sit in your mind, it also seeps to your Soul. This is what is called subliminal messages. Take the way you write.

The way I write? What about the way I write?

I have given you a gift of writing words whereby the reader has to think about the meaning. Whereby you will “say” something and actually mean something else and may sometimes even have multiple meanings. It is useful in proclaiming My Truth with a gentle touch. That is my objective in giving you this gift.

Thank you. So, the violence in movies? You were explaining…

Violence in entertainment is similar to this gift. But rather than being beneficial it has detrimental effects. Especially for the young. The young mind absorbs everything and anything that you expose to it. You may think all these subliminal messages have no effect on them when they’re young. Just wait and see when they are adults. Like what I told Neale, “No persons do anything inappropriate, given their model of the world.” Monkey see, monkey do. And you wonder why the world is the way it is today.

This discussion is heavy stuff. I best leave it to Neale.

No, child. That is exactly everyone’s mentality in this time and age. How will this world ever heal itself from the pain it is experiencing now because of complacency?

I’m afraid I’m guilty of that. Rene will be playing some role playing games on his console and I’ll see some violence in it while passing by and I’ll just go, “Rene, that one game only, okay? Not real one. Don’t do that in real life.” Rene will say, okay , and off I go. There’s parenting for you. Sorry.

Apologizing will not help. And I Am not telling you how to raise your children. What I am saying is be aware of what this world is teaching children. This world is so caught up in things that do not matter while those that do matter are pushed to the bottom of the To Do List. Your children are your future. It may be an uphill climb when teaching adults the philosophy of The New World. That is why it is better to begin with the children. The children are your future. And their children and their children’s children. Begin now or this realm will forever be in a state of pain.