Domino Effect



Looks like there might be another epidemic coming. The last one called SARS terrified everyone. You’ve told me how to deal with humans with regards to The New World but you have yet to tell me how to deal with disease or natural disasters. Can you tell me now?

It is basically the same as how you would deal with humans, my dear one. Step out of the illusion. Suffering is not a tragedy in itself. It is how you look at it that affects you. You cannot change the situation but you can change how you feel about it.

Oh no worries, I can do that when it’s happening to someone else. But how do I deal with it if it affects me or my family directly? In fact, it just happened to me recently. I got the scare of my life!

I know, dear. Your daughter was ill recently from a virus that the government has a difficult time controlling.

Yes. It’s dengue. It’s because the victimizer is hardly visible to the eye. The carrier of the virus is the Aedes mosquito. It’ll be a little difficult to make that little creature see us humans through the eyes of its little soul.

People have blamed creatures and nature for a lot of diseases in this world when all along people are the ones responsible for their existence. Your collective consciousness has brought them on to yourselves.

No! Why would we want to create something that will cause us pain and suffering and eventually death? We certainly do not do that.

Yes, you do – unconsciously. The government has been bringing awareness to the problem constantly but they are constantly being ignored. In order for a certain problem to be eradicated it needs the collaboration of each and every single-able bodied person – or for everybody to at least put in the effort in solving the problem. As it is, the government educates but the citizens turn deaf ears to the preventive measures. I say you are all unconsciously responsible for the problem because you are all not individually aware of the consequences of your actions. Or in this case – inaction. Here again – individualization is to blame for the slow eradication of the problem. Just because a household has not been affected directly by the problem doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect the whole community. This applies to the problems of the world. If only all countries will agree to at least try to solve the problems in your world. This in itself is a beginning. But as how things are – separation has been a major factor in the non-connection of all nations. With this separation comes individualization. And with individualization comes the mind-set of “That’s your problem, not mine.” How will this world ever be united in working towards a better life for all if all are not aware that all of you are somehow connected and affected by all the problems of your world either directly or indirectly?

Is there any way at all that we can change this non-awareness?

That’s why people like you are in this realm. You are a messenger like Jesus was a messenger. Like John the Baptist was a messenger. Like Neale is a messenger and many others. Do you think your discovery of the cosmology of CWG was a happenstance? Do you think you came by Neale’s book by accident? You were ready for the truth, dear one. This was an agenda of your soul. Your enlightenment to the truth was planned by your soul at such and such a time. Your soul knows exactly what to do at the perfect time.

That’s all and good about the timing and all. And also the fact that I have, with my whole being, accepted the cosmology of CWG as truth. But I need help. And I mean a lot of help in trying to convince others. I bet you, there are those who have read my blog who truly believe I’m crazy! That’s why I’m using self-deprecating humour to deflect them.

Once you care what others think of you—

I know, I know – they own me. The thing is – almost everything that the cosmology of CWG proclaims is against everything that this world has ever known for over two thousand years. And not only that – but it refutes most revered books about God in existence. Holy Scriptures even! Not to mention my mission to convince souls that the belief that it is not only Jesus or Mohammed or Buddha, etc., who are God – but all humans in this realm as well. How am I supposed to convince everyone they are God? I’m beginning to think I’m crazy after saying all that!

You are letting yourself be overwhelmed by your new-found purpose in this realm, child. Enjoy your life, live your life.

I’ll try… Maybe later. For now, I need to stress out! And another thing I’m up against are thousands and thousands of year-old beliefs! How will I change the mindsets of the followers of the doctrines and teachings of the world’s most powerful religions when all I have to convince them is a present-day book written by a man who is also trying to convert others in his part of the world?

Who said anything about changing the mindset?

You did.

I said bring awareness. Changing and bringing awareness are totally different things. Please look up their meaning.

Okay. “Change” means “to substitute another or others for or exchange for something else.” “Awareness” means “having knowledge or perception of a fact.”

I do not want to change – as in substitute any of your religion. CWG brings awareness – as in all of you already know what the cosmology is all about. You already have knowledge. Having knowledge means to remember. Everyone has knowledge of the cosmology of CWG. All everyone has to do is to remember. To remember Who They Really Are. They are all God. All of you are of me. Once you have brought this awareness to others there will be no need to change anything because the change will be within. Nothing will change on the outside. Rituals and practices of your religions are all external factors. That is why they are called religions. These practices were invented in order to influence others to their way of thinking. While being spiritual is purely controlled by you within yourself. That is the beauty of spirituality. In order to change the world, one has to start within. Once you see yourself as me you will see me in others as well. And that other will see others as me as well. It is what you call a “domino effect.” You only need to topple a single domino in order for the rest to follow. This is what Neale has done. This is what you are doing. You are one of those dominoes, my dear one. And considering the fact that Neale lives halfway across the world from you – and thanks to the advancement of your technology, you have started your own trail of dominoes with your blog. You may not know it, but be assured that you have already brought awareness to others. And I know exactly who they are.

We started this entry regarding the possible onset of an epidemic and we end up talking about dominoes. We always do that.

Do what?

Stray from the topic.

No, we don’t. I am God, remember?

Well, then – let’s see what’s an epidemic got to do with dominoes? Oops… Okay, never mind. I already know the answer even before I finished the question.

So what’s an epidemic got to do with dominoes?

An epidemic is a disease affecting many persons at the same time, and spreading from person to person not unlike a domino effect.

Need I say more?

Nope. So to conclude, in order for us to deal with problems like disease and natural disasters we have to be aware that we are all responsible for them. We have to be aware that we are all connected – that what affects one affects all. Only then can we solve our problems.

And how do you become aware?

By remembering that we are all God – that We Are All One.

Well done!

Thank you.