Everything and All Things

(I am posting this under duress, I assure you. Because if I don’t, God will nag me to post it until it drives me crazy. Anyway, this is not news. This controversy has been around since forever.)

4 October 2012

God, did Jesus have a wife? Did he get married? A controversy has been going on about this issue since forever. Can you please answer this question once and for all?

My son was sent to a realm to experience everything and ALL things within that realm. Does not a woman exist in this realm? If he did not have a wife then it would have defeated his purpose in experiencing everything and all things.

So what’s all this celibacy and chastity imposed on priests all about?

You made it up because sex has been considered by many as a sin. I tell you what is a sin. A sin is depriving oneself of the most basic and yet profound experience a soul can ever have — love. Do you not think the vessels I have put your souls in beautiful? And yet you have deprived it and mistreated it.

Then why not tell them to change their rules and regulations regarding chastity and celibacy?

You are what you create. I will not interfere with the consequences of your actions and decisions, because of the purpose of your souls — and that is to experience consequences. But my purpose for a New World will still prevail. If only you will listen and heed. The pain and the hurt you are causing yourselves will be removed sooner than later.