Why Would I Cause You Pain?


21 September 2012

God, I can’t sleep. I don’t like the God in the Bible. I prefer the God in CWG. The Bible God is vengeful, remote and fearsome. The CWG God isn’t all that. The CWG God would never punish anyone. Because that would be like punishing yourself. And you would never send anyone to eternal damnation – which is hell. But then I’m thinking, what about all those stuff in the Old Testament? Plenty of vengeance went on there.

First of all, there is no such thing as hell. Hell is the lack of fulfillment of oneself. Hell is the failure to know Who You Really Are. As for the Old Testament stuff, I used (and am still using) the Bible as a tool. Like any tool, it gets wear and tear. Therefore, people fix it, amend it, add on to it, remove stuff from it and adjust it to suit the life and times whenever the new version is being produced. There are now in existence countless versions of it. None of them are the true and original words I ever used. Your Holy Scriptures have been copied, re-copied, translated, interpreted, and misinterpreted in countless ways. What is true is what comes from your soul. Like what we are doing now. I am always, always speaking to you (and everyone else). All you have to do is listen. Use the Bible only as a guide. Before this, I notice how you have been searching and searching the Bible for answers, from cover to cover. And yet you were not satisfied. There are many who are in this predicament. If all of you would only listen. Answers have been in you all along. Listen, remember and believe.

That doesn’t really answer my question about a vengeful God in The Old Testament.

Yes, it does. Those vengeful acts of God are interpretations of events as seen through another person’s eyes. Words were used to give such and such image and have been interpreted and misinterpreted through time. Most of them are natural occurrences that were used to put fear into the hearts of unbelievers and unrepentant sinners. I am not saying the Bible is bad. I am saying use it as a guide or a reference book or as a dictionary. If they want to find out Who They Really Are, tell them to listen to me. I am your soul. Listen to your soul. Holy Scriptures are tangible. They are used to prove my existence. I am not tangible and never will be. I am free. You are free. Free to do anything you want. Free to have anything you want. Free to be what you want. Just keep in mind what I told you earlier. Decisions and choices have consequences. Consequences that may or may not be against the nature of Who You Really Are. So, to get back to your question. No, I am not a vengeful god. I love you. Why would I cause you pain?

So are you saying we should get rid of religion?

No. I am saying change your way of thinking about religions. Being in a community or in a group of people who are like-minded is good for your soul. It promotes togetherness and oneness. What I am saying is – even though you are within a religion, you still have to go within. Going within is spiritual. Spiritual is listening to your soul. Listening to your soul is the only way to find out Who You Really Are. And Who Are You Really?

I am you and you are me.

I am love. You are love. (You are not born of sin.) Once the whole world is converted into this way of thinking this realm will be the utopia I foresee it to be.