Just Believe


God, You said that “the belief that God is a humble-self-sacrificing deity has given the poor the unfortunate mistaken impression that to suffer is divine. Thus, they stagnate in their own misery without the steadfastness to get out of it.” But telling by the numerous OFWs (Overseas Foreign Workers) and migrants all over the world, don’t You think they are trying very hard to get out of “their own misery” as You put it?

At the expense of their families, their dignity and their pride. Haven’t you noticed the number of families breaking up because spouses are separated from their families for far too long? Long-distance relationships never work. Spouses (mostly husbands) stray and become lazy, most of the time depending solely on the income that their spouses/wives send home. If there are young children, they are neglected and deprived of the guidance, wisdom and love only a parent can provide. Do you think this is how a family should be?

No, most definitely not.

I’m glad you agree. If everyone can be changed in their way of thinking of what The True God is like, I assure you third world countries will be totally different as you see them today. If they believe in a God that is generous enough to provide for everything they need and that the only way to gain this generosity is by believing in themselves as God as well. If they believe that they are the only ones who are responsible for the quality of their lives, then they will not suffer so.

But isn’t going to another country to work a way of being responsible for the quality of their own lives?

Tell me, why do they have to leave their own country in order to serve another? Do they not know that by doing so their own country is deprived of their creativity and capability, not to mention their hard work? OFWs and migrants suffering in other countries (believe Me there are) are indirectly making their own country suffer as well. Just imagine what those families are going through when their loved ones are abused, tortured or deprived of basic human necessities in other countries. They too suffer. It may affect them financially but the deepest cut of all will be the emotional trauma when their loved ones come home in a body bag. That is very graphic I know but that is the reality of it. And for what? Because of the fear of lack, fear of poverty, fear of being looked down upon. Fear, fear, fear! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF IT. The belief that it is divine to suffer has to be erased from everyone’s souls. Most of your religions proclaim that this is so. What a shallow God I would be if I constantly portrayed Myself as always suffering. A self-sacrificing God that this realm emulates. I DO NOT SUFFER. I AM JOY. I have created the realm of the relative in order for you to know JOY. The opposite of JOY is Fear. You must experience fear in order to experience JOY. BUT NOT TO THE POINT THAT YOUR WHOLE LIFE IS CONSTANTLY EXPERIENCING FEAR. There are souls who have come back over and over again in this realm and they have experienced nothing but Fear. Where is the JOY in that? There should be a balance of both dyad. In fact, there should only be JOY in your experiences. Fear still exists because without it you cannot experience the other. But choices should always be based on JOY. On LOVE. This is the way Masters live. They are constantly in tune with their emotions based on LOVE. Fear gets second billing each and every time a decision is made. Fear is always hovering in the background because this world cannot exist without it and because you have Free Will. That is a gift I will never take away from you. In order to eradicate the problems of this world everyone must always choose LOVE. And the only way to do that is to see the other with the eyes of Love. See the other as God. A God who is ALL-LOVING, NON-PUNISHING, NON-AVENGING, NON-JUDGMENTAL. A GOD WHO DOES NOT SUFFER, SACRIFICE, SERVE, NEED ANYTHING OR ANYONE. All of you should act and do the same. For I Am You and You are Me. You are all God. Be JOY and not Fear. Believe this and all of you will never have to suffer ever again. All you have to do is JUST BELIEVE. And your lives will follow.



God, you said, “In order for this world’s problems to be eradicated everyone must always choose LOVE.” Where is the free will in that?

Let Me answer that with a question–do you want to eradicate the problems in your world?


Well then, in order to do that which will you choose? LOVE or FEAR?

Oh man. LOVE, of course!

Enough said.