3 October 2012
10:40 am

What are you telling me, God? What’s with the “right attitude toward our priests”? It caught my attention when I was reading my daily devotional. Why did you boom it at me?

Meditate on the sentence “try to see our priests as servants and stewards of the mysteries of God who are to be trustworthy but are human as well.”

With the recent priest molestation scandals I don’t know whether that holds true anymore.

That’s another story. In fact, it (the scandals) has deep implications on the roles of priests as we see it in today’s Catholic society and society in general. The point that needs to be brought up is – why has this scandal more of an abomination as compared to the molestation lay persons – or shall I say non-priests have committed?

Maybe because of the image priests need to uphold in the eyes of society. Meaning, they are bound by their vows of chastity and obedience.

Now that is where the problem comes from. Priests are “but humans as well.” Just because they hold the label of being a priest doesn’t mean they are immune to the trials and temptations like any other man. In fact, the degree of resistance they need to apply to these temptations have to be of the highest level or with the greatest strength because of their renunciation of their own sexuality. Society has given these scandals more disapproval as compared to any molestation case because of the label “priest.” So who is in the wrong?



They are judging people.


Labels are but words to call someone by. Even names can be used as a tool to judge. Take your name for example.

Yeah. My name is Joy.

Now if you walked around with a glum face all day long, what do you think people would think of you?

They should have named me Glum.

See what I mean?

So what exactly are you saying about priests?

What I’m saying is, treat priests as humans first and as priests second.