Pull Up!


15 April 2013


I was washing dishes when I thought of a question that I’d like to ask You. I delayed it because I thought I’d better finish the dishes first. Now that I’m free I’ve forgotten what it was.

Always act upon the First Thought. The First Thought is from your soul. The second thought and thereafter are already comprised of sponsoring thoughts which are not Who You Really Are. They are best ignored. The First Thought should always have priority. Remember that anecdote about the sisters who were working with Mother Theresa? That documentary you saw on TV?

Yeah. What about it?

Remember how the interviewer was awed by the sisters’ devotion to God?

Yeah. They immediately stopped what they were doing when the time came for them to do prayers.  Even when they were feeding the sick or the bedridden. The bell would ring or whatever and they’d put down the spoon and bowl, sometimes leaving the patient with his mouth still open.

That is how you should act upon the First Thought.

But what if I’m say, driving on a busy highway? (I have yet to learn how to drive.) I can’t just stop in the middle of the road and start typing, can I?

Why not? If you think it is that important, shouldn’t it have priority? You would pull up for an important call, wouldn’t you?


Well, First Thought is an important call from Me. From your soul. Let nothing hinder you from acting upon it. If it is ignored all the time, it may get lost in the busyness of your life and that is when your soul will be neglected. That is when your life conforms to the norms of the world. That is when you work towards the things that are meaningless and therefore render your soul empty and devoid of sustenance. And your soul receives its sustenance from Me. Without Me life will be meaningless. That is not to say I Am NOT with You. I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU. You simply choose to ignore My existence or You do not desire Me.

How can anyone not desire You? That seems completely preposterous to me!

Oh, you would be surprised. Besides, have I not said it over and over again. The Truth comes to those who are ready for it.