Friends Again

18 April 2013

We’re friends again God! You are amazing!

Why? What did I do?

You know very well what You did. You created a situation where she had no choice but to come to me so that we can be friends again.

I had nothing to do with that, my child. You did that all by yourself. You create your own realities.

Okay, fine. All the credit’s mine. Anyway, I created a situation where she had no choice but notice I wasn’t happy with her attitude. I was waiting with another friend for our children for school dismissal. I created the reality of her son (who also has Down’s syndrome) coming outside before the school bell rang. He sat next to us and did not budge even when we told him to go back inside. My friend (or frenemy, as my daughter would say) came along and she noticed her son outside with us and she persuaded him to go back in. She noticed that I completely ignored her — which was so different from when I would usually greet her enthusiastically. I created this situation in order for her to stop and notice my indifference. If her son wasn’t there she would have just passed by without acknowledging me. So when Rene and I were at the bus stop I created another reality where she was the one who came to me to start the conversation. And because I wanted to come from the aspect of love, I accepted her “peace offering” and complied by chatting with her. All’s well that ends well.

Well done, my child. You have just permanently placed that minute beam of light through that tiny crack on the wall of her soul. That beam of light fought back with all its might in order for it to connect with your Light. Her sponsoring thoughts have no chance to mend that crack now. Do you know why?

I think so. It’s because that beam of light sublimely recognizes everyone as God — meaning that her soul (via that tiny light) acknowledges that We Are All One. That’s why she came of her own free will to make amends. She is acting like God.

Both of your souls connected at that very moment. It may take a while for her to truly accept this truth but her soul has taken a baby step in the recognition of it. You must remember that it takes two souls to connect. So you too must recognize her as God. Do not judge her for what she believes in because for now she doesn’t know anything else. Religion separates people. It is best not to discuss it — or worse, argue or debate about it. Keep mum about CWG as well. The truth comes to those who are ready for it. And when she is ready she will become aware of the True God — be it through you or another source. Do not force the CWG cosmology on others. This situation came about in order for you to be aware of what not to do when proclaiming CWG.

At the expense of my friendship with someone?

Which is more important to you — your friendship or to bring someone back to his or her soul?

Not fair. Of course the latter. But thank you. Thank you for showing me what not to do.

You’re welcome. Show the True God by the way you live your life and how you interact with others. How you interact with others is by applying the CWG cosmology to your own everyday life. When you speak to others, you may subtly incorporate its principles and truths through your opinions and views about yourself, your family, relatives, friends, neighbours and the world in general. Pretty soon they will realize your truth without even knowing that it is from the CWG cosmology. They will receive the truth when they are ready.

I’ll keep that in mind. And thank you, God. You know that I love you, right?

I do and I love you too.