Teng kyu


After breakfast I decided to go to the supermarket to buy fruits for the kids. Gotta make them eat healthier! I was about to grab a plastic sheet from the roll provided when I noticed a lady trying to tear off one piece. She was bunching, tugging and pulling at the perforations. I thought, I’ll be here forever if I don’t help her.

“Auntie, come I help you.” (read with Singlish accent please)

I took the joined sheets, neatened it, made a little tear at the perforation, tugged gently and the sheet came right off. And voila! I handed it to her.

With a big smile while nodding enthusiastically, she thanked me, “Teng kyu! Teng kyu!”

Do not force God on others. Always use a gentle touch.

They will not need to be called. They will come to you willingly.