My First Ever Conversation With God

(13th September 2012 will forever be embedded in my mind. This was the day I started my very own conversations with God a la Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch. Actually, I’ve been doing it since I was a teenager. But at that time I called it MY DIARY. This conversation is ongoing and will probably continue until the day I leave this realm. You have no need to believe me and I don’t lose anything by telling you this. In fact, you should try it yourself. Ask God a question and give yourself an answer. Write down whatever comes to mind. When it’s done, set it aside. Go bake a cake or something. Or better yet read it the next day. You’ll be amazed! Did I write that? It’s up to you to have faith and believe…)

13 September 2012 Thursday 9:11pm

So God, what You’re saying is – I don’t have to ask You for anything because it would prove that I am lacking. Instead I should give thanks for what I believe I already have. Prayer of gratitude instead of supplication.

Yes. I have already given you everything that you will ever need to live your life. Those things that you think you need are only manifestations of what you know to be necessary things to live your life. Meaning – tangible things that society, your parents, your teachers have taught and ingrained in you as necessary since the day you were born.

What do you mean?

Here is an example – a certain man has been occupying your thoughts these past few days.


You think he is the one I have sent in answer to your prayer for a partner.

Isn’t he?


I wish he was. He’s kinda cute.

Society has ingrained in you that in order to be happy you have to have a significant other. You do not need one. For I Am Only One. I Am My Significant Other. I Am you. You are Me. Another person next to you will just be a reflection of you. Having another person to relate to is a redundancy. In other words, you do not need to pray for a significant other because you are already your significant other. All I need from you is a thank you. In fact, you have already thanked Me. This was on your prayer list you wrote a couple of days ago – “Thank you for bringing this person in my life. I’m blessed and eternally grateful that someone like him has even spared a thought about me. I pray that You will always bless him and protect him even when he is no longer in my life.”

Um okay…But it gets kinda lonely sometimes. And didn’t You say where two or three are gathered in Your Name there You will be?

Did I not just say that another person next to you is a reflection of you? You are a reflection of Me. Whether there be one or 7 billion of you gathered in My Name there I will be. You are All One. For I Am only One. There is only One of Me.

Okay. That answers my second question. What about my first question? What about the loneliness?

Ask yourself sincerely. Are you always, always lonely?

Um. No. Not really. Not all the time.

The loneliness comes when I shroud myself from you. (To those who feel the deepest of loneliness are those who do not acknowledge My existence or ignores it.) Do not question why I hide from you. The question is – will you hang on with confidence in Me?

Well, now that You say I do not need a significant other, I guess I have to. Yes, of course! So now, I’m thinking, I have to always rephrase my prayers to prayers of gratitude.

Yes, do that. You will be amazed at the answers. Not to mention the freedom it gives you once you have reset your way of thinking.

Okay. By the way, how do I know these answers are not just makings of my own imagination?

Confidence in Me, remember?

Right. Okay then.