About Sponsoring Thoughts

Rene had to have a blood test for his annual check-up at National University Hospital last January. He was terrified because the last time that was done the nurse hurt him a lot. She took the blood from the inside of his elbow.

So now, even after much cajoling we still couldn’t get him to go through with it. I asked if we could come another day. One of the nurses said, “The paranoia will still be there. We might as well get it over and done with today. Maybe we can get it from the back of his hand instead. It will be less painful.” I agreed. But Rene still put up quite a struggle that it took me and three nurses to hold him down.

But he didn’t even realize it was already over when it was done. It was less painful than what his body and mind perceived it to be. He even laughed at himself for putting up such a struggle.

I was just glad it was over and done with. I don’t want go through it again – that’s why I’m not looking forward to the next check-up.

I just hope that at our next visit, Rene will remember that it’s not as painful as he perceives it to be. Cross fingers…

Our sponsoring thoughts greatly influence the expectations we have about a possible outcome or consequence of our decisions or actions. Sponsoring thoughts are thoughts that have been given to us by our parents, our teachers, our religion, society and practically the world in general. Sponsoring thoughts are what freeze us from creating our realities in order for us to know Who We Really Are and Who We Want To Be.

Sponsoring thoughts come from fear. The only way to invalidate sponsoring thoughts is to ignore them. Once they are ignored the soul will have no expectations whatsoever. No expectations other than the perfect outcome.

To me, sponsoring thoughts usually begin with these two words – “what if” – which are not in my vocabulary anymore. Well… Not totally…

Glass of Wine

Bread And Wine

Women now are doing more for humankind than men. Women are doing the things they are doing because of LOVE. While men are doing the things they are doing because of FEAR. War begins from FEAR of not being powerful enough. Thus, one must show power through war. Killing another for FEAR of being killed. Coveting another’s goods begins from FEAR of not having enough. Winning comes from FEAR of not being good enough. Earthly gains or accumulating worldly goods are based on FEAR of lack or FEAR of being looked down upon. Woman Is Not Lesser


It’s so weird. This world is dominated by men and yet they’re afraid of everything. It. Is. So. Weird!

Isn’t it just? They have the mistaken belief they are stronger because of the mistaken doctrine that man is superior to woman. Men and women are equal. But the world has ingrained into the male psyche what is otherwise. Therefore now, men are always trying to prove themselves at the expense of the state of the world. Men think they are ruling the world for the sake of the world. When in actual fact, it is their FEAR of being judged as weak in the eyes of the world that drives them to act even more FEARFUL. If they would only consider input from women. And not only that but they have to consider women’s opinions viable enough as to be implemented and manifested into reality. Here again, man’s superiority plays an integral part or shall we say must NOT play an integral part in the final decisions. Men must not only consider women’s solution to the problems of the world but must implement them in order to realise whether they are workable solutions. So what if the solution does not work? Try another solution. A creative collaboration between the sexes will surely see the light at the end of the tunnel rather than minimising the solution from the creativity and capability of just one gender. Why drink only half a glass of wine when you can fill it all the way to the brim?

Rocket Science



Still on the subject of EVERYTHING IS TIMED PERFECTLY–Let’s say my purpose is to be a rocket scientist. And I want to be a rocket scientist at, let’s say age 18. So if I made a decision to study rocket science at age 14 (I have no idea how long it takes to study rocket science..so whatever.) And because of this decision I’ve accomplished my purpose of being a rocket scientist at age 18. So that’s perfect timing, right?


But let’s say midway while studying rocket science, I meet someone, fall in love and we decide to get married and have kids. So my dream of becoming a rocket scientist sort of gets pushed to the back-burner because of all these realities that I created. And then I pick it up again, I mean study rocket science again, let’s say when I’m 40 and I DO become a rocket scientist at 44. Is that still perfect timing?

Yes. Do I have to repeat myself? Whatever result or consequence that occurs after you create your reality is perfectly timed because you created your reality or the decision prior to it. That is what is called a natural consequence. Of course, there are others who will also affect your decisions. If that someone you fell in love with decide to jilt you at the altar on your wedding day, it will be a set of different consequences altogether. What will you do if that happens?

Well, there are several choices actually–I can hunt him down with a double-barrelled shotgun. That’s one. Two–I can continue my course in rocket science. Three-I can drag someone else to the altar. Four–I can take up pole-dancing. Five…

That is your Free Will at work. You see, what a wonderful gift it is! You have complete control of what you want to be in your lifetime.

Okay. Bear with me. What if I die and I never accomplish being a rocket scientist but my soul still wants to be a rocket scientist? What then?

Do it in the next lifetime. And if you still didn’t accomplish your purpose then, then do it in the next. And the next. And the next. I told you before, you can keep repeating your lifetimes or you can choose to challenge yourself with new ones. It is entirely up to you.