In The Beginning


I’ve tried this blogging thing so many times, I’m guilty of desecrating the internet universe with my numerous abandoned blog webpage waste. It’s not for lack of desire or subject matter to blog about–it’s more of NOT finding out exactly what My Purpose in life is all about. Well, all that has changed in the recent months. I believe this one will be a keeper. I hope. Maybe. Definitely. Whatever…

Now, where to begin? Okay. How about I explain what the picture above is all about?

I’m an artist. I like to think so, anyway. If one can draw a decent picture of an apple or a banana, I guess that would give one the right to call oneself an artist, yes? Modesty aside, I can draw more than a decent interpretation of any fruit. In fact, I’ve been told I’m a really good artist. (You be the judge. Check out my digital art here – (link)

Along with drawing, writing is one of my talents that has befuddled me. I’m good at it but there doesn’t seem to be any purpose for it. Until now. (Come on, out with it! What’s the difference between now and then?)

Let’s just say, I have been enlightened. (Oh no! She’s one of those New Age fanatics!) Yup, that I am. I am not ashamed to say it. In fact, I am promoting it. I think ‘promulgating’ is a better word. I AM PROMULGATING THE NEW THOUGHT MOVEMENT/NEW SPIRITUALITY/NEW WORLD COSMOLOGY.

That picture sort of depicts what I felt when I succumbed to the NEW THOUGHT MOVEMENT. (What the heck is THE NEW THOUGHT MOVEMENT? Click this – (link) Succumbed is the wrong word. More like awareness. It’s been there all along and I’ve sort of ‘gotten’ knowledge of it. I felt so FREE. Free from my previous beliefs. The belief that God is a condemning, vengeful, needy and will-send-you-to-eternal-damnation-if-you-do-not-do-as He-commands-kind-of god. (God is neither a He or a She, by the way. Although it would be a refreshing change if we referred to God as a She once in a while.)

Well then, with that said, you may have an idea what this blog will be about. This will be the beginning of my life in the NEW WORLD, NEW AGE, NEW THOUGHT or whatever else you want to call it. “Joy To The New World” And if you wanna join me on this journey, hop on! Like the Jamiroquai song says, it’s gonna be a “White Knuckle Ride.” (There will be dull moments too, I assure you.)

By the way, the book that changed my life (but didn’t change my life…you know what I mean) is CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD by Neale Donald Walsch. You may or may not read it coz “we are all led to The Truth for which we are ready.”